Election Administrator



Macon County Election Commission
607 Hwy 52 Bypass E  Suite C
Lafayette, TN 37083
Phone: (615) 666-2199 
Fax: (615) 666-7469
Monday- Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  Presidential Preference Primary  Election 
March 3, 2020

Early Voting 
 February 12-25 
Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm
Saturdays 8:00 am - Noon
Late Night Thursday February 20
8:00 am- 7:00 pm

Early Voting Location 
607 Hwy 52 Bypass E Suite C
Lafayette, TN 37083

Last Day to Register for Election February 3, 2020
Last Day to request absentee ballot February 25, 2020

Election Day you must go to your precinct on your voter's card to vote.

Polls Open at 9:00 am and close at 7:00 pm on Election Day

2020 Election Calendar

To Register to Vote, Change Address or find out voter info, online go to:

Administrator of Elections: Barry Doss
E-mail: maconelect@nctc.com  

 Barry Rotary

Barry Doss
Administrator of Elections


Melinda Sewell
Deputy Administrator


Election Commission

Election Commission
Sherri Sircy, Glen Harold Donoho, Brenda Coley, Georgia Ann Boles, and Kenny Kemp  














 Starting in 2012 New Law Requires Photo ID to Vote

Where do I register to vote or change my address, online?


How can I check to see if I am Registered to Vote?

 What form do I need to Register to vote?

Please send Registration forms to:
Macon County Election Commission
607 Hwy 52 Bypass E Suite C
Lafayette, TN 37083


What do I Change my Address or Name?
Please click here for a mail-in address & name change  form.
Please send Registration forms to:
Macon County Election Commission
607 Hwy 52 Bypass E Suite C
Lafayette, TN 37083

What District Do I Live In?
Please click here to see a Precinct Map.


Where Do I Vote?
Please click here for a list of Voting Precinct Locations.


What do I need to do for Absentee Voting?




Form 76 or FPCA Form 76 Military and Overseas Voters:           



Please click here for Physician’s Statement


 Miscellaneous Forms

Certificate of Write-In Candidacy

Certificate of Restoration

Appointment of Political Treasurer

Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement

Instructions for Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement

Disclaimer Law
Please click here to view pdf file

Qualifications for Office
Please click here to view this pdf form

Candidate Guidelines
Please click here to view this pdf file

Questions and Answers about Poll Watchers
Please click here to view pdf file 

 Miscellaneous Forms for Others

Do you want to work during elections?
Please click here to view this pdf form


About the Election Commission
The Election Commission, through the Administrator, is responsible for carrying out the electoral process in accordance with the laws and regulations of the State of Tennessee.  This consists of such things as:

bullet The hiring and training of all election workers.

bullet The purchase of all necessary supplies such as ballots.

bullet The layout of the ballots.

bullet Getting approval on the layout of the ballots from the State of Tennessee.

bullet Programming all of the voting machines.

bullet Tabulating all votes so that each and every vote is counted.

bullet Reporting all election results to the media.

bullet Reporting all election results to the State of Tennessee.

The Commission Office is asked for a wide range of information from local, state and national officials.  At the present time, there are over 12,612 registered voters in Macon County.  The Election Commission probably has the most comprehensive database of the population of Macon County.

Voter registration drives are held each year in both high schools and periodically in other places.  One of our goals is to register as many people in the county as possible.

From time to time, the Administrator is asked to speak to high school classes to explain the workings of the election process in Macon County.  He is also responsible to appear before the County Commission with budgets and any other matters which pertain to the Election Commission.