Property Assessor

Assessor of Property
103 County Courthouse
Lafayette, TN 37083
615-666-9115 - Fax


Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:00

Assessor Rick Shoulders
Assessor of Property
Deputy ClerkCarolyn Ponder
Deputy Assessor

The office of the Assessor of Property is where Macon County's tax system begins.

The Macon County Assessor of Property is responsible to list and appraise all real estate in the county.  This includes:

bullet Residential property.

bullet Commercial property.

bullet Tangible personal property used for industrial or commercial purposes.

The Assessor of Property and his staff maintain a current list of all property in the county.  The properties are revalued every six years; the next reevaluation is scheduled for 2013.

Each year members of the staff visit approximately 20% of the properties within the county.  They are looking for changes in buildings, additions, buildings that are no longer there, etc. 

The efforts of the Assessor of Property and his staff insure that each person, business and industry in Macon County is taxed fairly based on the current true value of their property.