Macon County Arts Council

The Macon County Arts Council (MCAC) was organized in 2007 with a mission of promoting the arts in Macon County. "Arts" included an entire spectrum of activities from music to visual arts, literary arts to traditional crafts, drama to needlework, and much more. The hope was that the organization could make the arts an integral part of the community.

MCAC decided to approach that mission by concentrating on two definite areas: (1) art programs for the children in Macon County, and (2) art events for the community as a whole. These two areas continue to be the main focus of the organization.

MCAC's art programs for children have included such things as music workshops, visual art programs, and puppet shows. In addition, MCAC has worked with local school administrators to provide professional artists' visits to the schools. These visits have been well-received by both students and faculty. MCAC has also sponsored workshops for all ages of children so that they might be exposed to different forms of art. The Young Americans Workshop was one example. In this instance, children worked with professional, caring musicians over a three-day time period. They had lessons in singing, dancing, and performance skills, and in the end, did a combined performance for the entire community. Other MCAC efforts in children's programming include the annual "Art in the Park", a two-day art workshop for children ages 5 through 12, and the "Teenage Art Classes" taught by local professional artists.

Events for the entire community include the yearly Concerts in the Park series held in Macon County's own Key Park, exhibitions of art and photography, and the summer series of family movies in Key Park. Guest musicians appearing in MCAC's concerts have been a very diverse group, from Bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds to the renowned Nashville Symphony. All the concerts are free to the public.

MCAC encourages everyone interested in the arts to join the organization. Membership meetings are held quarterly. For more information, please call (615) 644-5179.